Tuesday, September 6, 2016

                                  Abhimanyu stands exposed:

Two meetings were held by PLI ( Bonus) committee on 28-08-2016 and 
05-09-2016  the management has offered to give only 1100 rupees as 
PLI for 2014-2015 financial year in these meetings despite request 
from NFTE and BSNLEU for enhancing the amount. 

The amount of PLI for 2015-2016 will be declared by the management 
soon. This is the factual and actual position on PLI ( Bonus).

When the election campaign for the seventh membership verification 
was in full swing few months ago ,BSNLEU General Secretary 
Abhimanyu spread a false propaganda that NFTE agreed with the 
management for two digit ( 99 rupees) bonus. This low campaign by 
BSNLEU was undertaken only to get few votes more than NFTE in 
the verification ballot. It is now exposed. 

But Abhimanyu and his followers should say sorry or express 
apology to Com. Islam, who was humiliated and abused throughout 
the country due to the falsehood propaganda by BSNLEU. Never. 
That was to be expected from decent and civilised people and not 
from Abhimanyu.
                                              From the FB of Com.C.K.M

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